The INAO Glass – the objective standard ‘adopted’ by the industry

However, within the wine industry, because of the need for a world standard, the Institut National d’Appellation d’Origine (INAO) in 1970 defined the shape and dimensions of the universal wine tasting glass.

The glass is the ‘professional shape’ for serious sensory evaluation of wines and has the approval of the O.I.V., the World Wine and Vine Organization and has been adopted for use in winery laboratories and wine schools worldwide.

  • The egg shape allows the taster to fully appreciate a wine by concentrating its aroma
  • The clearness and brilliance of this glass allows the taster to fully appreciate the colour and brilliance
  • The cut rim that has been carefully ground and polished allows a smooth, sensuous contact with the taster’s lips
  • The design skillfully combines the stem with the walls of the glass in a practical but elegant tool for beginners and advanced tasters alike.

Whilst the INAO glass has sometimes been criticised as being ‘too technical’ – it tends to highlight faults and virtuous qualities of a wine, it enables professionals to evaluate the same wine in different parts of the world and discuss the merits of a wine using one standardised tool. Use this glass for your vertical tastings, blind tastings etc.

Do note that unlike other ‘large’ glasses, the INAO does not permit you to maintain your nose in the interior of the glass whilst you’re drinking.

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