Vico’s Garlic Shrimp Pasta

This was truly amazing. My regret is I forgot to sync my iphone before updating the os and I lost the pic of Vico (Russ) cooking up this fabulous dish in candlelight at our campsite in Yosemite at the end of autumn. However the is a pic of him cooking something else though









Garlic-Shrimp pasta Recipe


1)      1 head garlic –  slice cloves into thick pieces; reserve two cloves minced

2)      ¼ to ½ tsp  Red chili pepper flakes

3)      1/3  cup Olive oil

4)      ¾  cup chopped parsley (reserve a pinch for end)

5)      4 green onions – chopped into ¼ pieces (reserve some of the green part for the end)

6)      1 pound of shrimp deveined and cut in half.  Rinse and dry.  Sprinkle salt grass seasoning

7)      ½  to ¾ box of thin spaghetti noodles or corkscrew pasta

8)      ½ half cup white wine

9)      ½ half cup clam juice – optional

10)   1 juice of a lemon

11)   2 tbls  +/- butter

12)    Parmesan Cheese




1)     Pasta :  Bring pot of water to boil and cook pasta – 8 minutes

2)   Using a non stick sauté pan, on very low heat, sauté sliced garlic cloves with red pepper flakes.  Careful not to burn.  Once cooked through, remove garlic and set aside (don’t drain).

3)   Using olive oil from cooking garlic heat pan and sear shrimp on one side till just undercooked,  add lemon juice.  (Remove shrimp prior to fully cooked)

4)   Prepare sauce, using the left over oil, cook green onion and minced garlic for a minute, then add wine and clam juice (add pasta water if needed ¼ cup).  Reduce by half.   Reduce heat to low, add and melt butter, then add shrimp, sautéed  garlic and parsley, stir to heat up.  Remove heat.

6)   Drain pasta and add to sauce pan.  Add generous amount Parmesan cheese.   Mix well with sauce.

7)   Sprinkle reserved green onion, parsley and more parmesan cheese  on top to give the dish some color.