French Cult Wines – Les Garagistes

Among those wines that try to duplicate the success of Le Pin, Vallandraud and La Mondotte, are names like la Gomerie, Rol Valentin, Quinault. They were relatively unknown, obtained good reviews, and are often found on the Right Bank of Bordeaux, because of the property structures there – The vineyards are often very small and the wine is made in the backyard or in the garage. In other words the production of each wine mythically happens in an area the size of a garage – thus the term ‘garagiste’. By the 2000 vintage, there were at least 25 of these wines being made in Saint-Emilion

The Bordeaux Hit List

Le Dome -Owned by Château Teyssier, made by a consultant, Gilles Pauquet. From 4.1 acres 4,500 bottles are produced each year, with the first vintage in 1996

Chateau la Forge – Owned by Château Teyssier, made by a consultant, Gilles Pauquet. From 13 acres, 22,000 bottles are produced each year; first vintage in 1998.

Chateau La Gomerie – Owned by Gérard and Dominique Bécot. The wine consultants, Michel Rolland and Jean-Philippe Fort produce 9,000 from 6 acres. First vintage was in 1995.

Chateau L’Hermitage – Owned by Francis Gaboriaud who makes 12,000 bottles from 7.2 acres. First vintage was 1977.

Chateau La Mondotte – Owned by the von Neippberg family. Stephane de Renoncourt is the winemaker and 11,000 bottles are produced from 9.5 acres. First vintage of this wine was in 1996.

Chateau Quinault l’Enclos – Owned by Alain and Francoise Raynaud, 50,000 bottles are produced from 26 acres. First vintage was in 1977. Wine consultants are Michel Rolland and Denis Dubourdieu

The “auction-cult” wines have also contributed to the overall price increase in Californian wines. Wayne Belding of The Boulder Wine Merchant in Boulder, Colo. says, “I think the Internet auctions pushed the prices of the cult wines up; then everyone else started to raise prices.”

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