Ed-sotAfter earning an MBA at EDHEC, a leading French business school, Ed worked as a business consultant in Europe for a number of years. Today, Ed is called upon to organise wine challenges – Spirits and Wine Asia was one, the Food Hotel Asia Wine and Spirits Asia Challenge was next and lately the G-Wine Challenge for Gourmet and Travel Peak selections magazine. He also prepares reports on the wine markets of Asia for private clients.

Another service is in the area of sensory evaluation.


What is it?

White and Unprocessed Tea

Sensory evaluation is a description of the olfactory and gustatory characters of consumer products – mainly of food, wine and beverages. In other words, using sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste to create a sensorial map of the product’s attributes.

There are several reasons why some companies choose to have their products tested, profiled or analysed sensorily:

  • To benchmark products / monitor competing products
  • To provide staff with the capability for analytical feedback (e.g. problem solving, creation of new products, shelf life testing)
  • To enhance the marketing experience (e.g. creating tasting sheets, guided tastings, masterclasses) by linking consumer preferences,  to product. Develop icons and sensory profile maps.
  • To conduct ‘difference’ and ‘similarity’ tests supported by statistical analysis (is there a difference between products, what is it and is it important?)

At the basic level, Ed will evaluate your product and either present it on your behalf, or provide you with a report.

For a series of products, and benchmarking, Ed can help you convene a panel of ‘tasters’.

If you require Sensory Evaluation capability, a training seminar can be organised for your staff.

Olive Oil seminar by Ed Soon. pic by Vanilla Seven