Ghost writing – Many books are often written by someone other than the author.

Everything you need to know about apples
Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la Pomme (Everything you need to know about apples

Ghostwriting isn’t plagiarising or cheating. In essence, the author’s ideas, concepts and stories that create the book; the ghostwriter simply helps to create an organized, captivating and marketable book or document. Have something important to say, but are too busy to write it yourself? Ed can help conceptualise and write your brochures, booklets and fact sheets to your construct.

Beneath you will find some examples of ghostwriting, other examples of projects that do acknowledge my contribution, etc.

Soave and Asian Food: An Ideal Match
In English and Italian: Soave and Asian Food - An Ideal Match, by Patricia Guy & Edwin Soon for the Consorzio Tutela Vini Soave e Recioto di Soave

Self publishing – Book publishing requires a designer, perhaps a graphic artist, a typesetter, a printer and a binder. Add editing, proofreading, translation, picture research, indexing and materials and it becomes a project larger than life. I am not a publisher but can assist in research, writing and managing the task in a turn-key project basis. I can also help you to commission authors and translators. To summarise, I would help put together the experts, you appoint your team (author, photographer, designer etc.). I take care of the details. The team works for you, checking back with you at every stage – so you’ll end up with a book/placard/poster/brochure exactly like what you envisioned; if not better.

POS & Mailers

“We are getting very positive sales from this promotion”  Chen Ing Hui, Merchandise Manager – Grocery, Giant Supermarkets.

“Saw your work with Giant on pairing wine and hawker food and it’s brilliant!” – Tan Kim Hai, Managing Director, Pinnacle Wines.

French wines to match your choice of cuisine