Great Reds from Great Terroirs

Sarah Mayo of flanking a host of wines at the ‘Great Reds from Great Terroirs’ tasting organised by the Austrian Wine Board. We tasted a perfumed Sassicaia 1982, a  floral-mint-soy nuanced Costa Russi 1998 from Gaja;  a delightfully aromatic, dry, herbal wine with minerals called Spitzerberg Blaufrankisch 2006 from Muhr van de Niepoort; a dense, layered Pichon-Baron 2003 with red pepper and soy marmite overtones; a  Pinot Noir reserve 2004 from Markowitsch with lashings of  forest fruit with sage, coriander and soft silky tannins and more. Twenty-two memorable wines in all.


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Art 2

Sculpture at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Above by Julien Martello. See also at his website

Beneath: Light Installation by Nathalie Junod Ponsard. See more here

Hilton Hawaiian Village

J-C Chiaberge, Yoyo and sculpture

Won Ton Soup

I had to go away and eat around the world – and finally I began to truly appreciate why I craved for wantan/wuntun noodle soup. Imagine, noodles at the perfectly al dente state – firm yet never hard or starchy soft; soup as exquisite as consomme; slivers of pork as juicy and tasty as asado de Puerco (yes the piquant chilli flavours are somewhat similar). HK style, Singapore style, KL style – the weekly won ton noodles (preferably dry) brings on a contented smile.