Food & Wine

Find here a collection of short pieces on pairing wines with various Asian cuisines. The Vino article is in Slovenian.

  • Infographic - Asian Food and French Wine

    The infographic is found at

  • Wine with Umami

    How to pair wine with the complex flavours of the fifth taste, umami by Vivian Song Relaxnews Published Friday, October 31, 2014 9:33AM EDT in CTV News , CTV television network Canada Given that umami was only formally accepted as the fifth taste b...

  • Tried & Tested: Wines for Asian cuisine

    Cantonese, Thai, Indian, Japanese....(unedited notes from a series of tastings conducted with Peak- G Magazine in 2011)   Modern Cantonese Cuisine Panelists:Michael Tay, Carrie Chen, Tan Kah Hin and Edwin Soon Task: Taste 23 wines and ...

  • Vino (PDF)

  • Cantonese/Sichuan food with Wine

    published in Time Out The semi-tropical climate in China’s south allows for year-round harvesting. Feed is aplenty for livestock and the coastline provides rich fishing grounds. The Cantonese enjoy food in abundance and incorporate fresh flavours ...