701.8 Laying down Wines for the Future

The Choice is Yours

If you like your wines aggressively tannic, woody and full of fruit (red wines), skip this module. If you like them basic but smooth, there are many generic wines that are designed for early drinking as soon as it appears on the shelves. Skip this module too.

However, if you like wines of breeding that are complex, mature and silky smooth, then you would have to lay good wines down for a number of years. The alternative is to buy them from a specialist merchant but the prices would most definitely be higher and you may not be able to find the wines you like.

Age-worthy wines

The factors determining whether wines are capable of maturation are many.

  1. the grape variety, vintage, often detected in the colour of the wine
  2. the concentration of flavours in the wine or the way the wine was made
  3. the constituents of the wine or the acidity, residual sugar, botrytis, tannin
  4. the vintage or climatic conditions (affecting the above)
  5. sthe storage conditions.

White wines are generally thought to be less capable of maturation.

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