701.7 Wine Labels around the World

By now, you should be able to read labels of wines from countries like Turkey, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Former USSR, Eastern Europe. Here’s a short quiz to match the country with the label. See how wine-savvy you are!








(a) Moldova/Moldavia
exports wine to 33 countries although Russia remains the largest client for its semi-sweet wines.

(b) Lebanon
best known for quality red wines made in the Bordeaux style or similiar to South of France

(c) Israel
Wines made from Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Chardonnay.

(d) Turkey
Although much of the grapes are destined for the table, wines are produced from various international varieties as well as indigeneous ones.

(e) Greece
Greeks were responsible for spreading vines throughout Italy and southern Europe. Today, Greek wines span the unique Retsina to world class, organic farmed New World styled wines.

(f) Hungary
Foreign investments in the traditional wineries have resulted in Tokay becoming recognised as one of the world’s most remarkable sweet wines.

(g) Russia
Produces sparkling as well as sweet red and white wines