701.2 Advance Theories of Food & Wine Matching

Have you noticed that depending on which kinds of food you have with wine, the taste or flavours of food can change the relative sensations of wine?

For example :

  • Salty foods (with soy, fish sauce, anchovies, salt-preserved foods) can make a wine taste less dry and less tannic.
  • Sweet foods (fruit based, sweet sour sauce, honey etc) can make a wine taste dry, less fruity and more crisp (including more tannic or bitter).
  • Sour foods (vinegar, lime, tamarind etc) can show off the wine to be fruitier than it is
  • Savoury foods (shitake, onions, etc) can make a wine taste less sweet and more acidic.

Wine and Food Pairing

We have delved into the works of various authors who have worked hard in the realm of wine and food matching. Use the theories in 501.2 to find matches. We have added ‘local’ examples wherever possible and have listed the books by the various authors so if you want to research the subject you can purchase the books.

Here are 5 approaches: