Mooncake Festival Tastings in Singapore 2019

Fairmont Hotel

Here are my favourites.

Seed Based Mooncake – Baked Combo from Goodwood Park Hotel. You can choose from Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds, White Lotus Seed Paste with Yolk and Assorted Nuts with Ham – from $38-$46 for two mooncakes.

Green Tea MooncakeMama Bakery. This snowskin Matcha green tea tastes unmistakably of Matcha! About $11 each.

Black Tea Mooncake – Premium Earl Grey Tea White Lotus Paste with Chia Seed from Peach Garden. About $17 each. If you are into tea flavoured mooncakes, this one and the Matcha one from above are the ones!

Traditional Mooncake – Tung Lok. Not too sweet, not to dense, balanced – just perfect. Go for the Double Yolk Red Lotus and Double Yolk White Lotus – 2 each in a box of four for $78

Surprise Flavour Mooncakes – Beetroot and Rose, mini snowskin from Fairmont Singapore. You get eight of these memorable tasting lavender hued mooncakes in a box for $72. If corn is your thing, then go for the Mini Golden Corn (8 pieces) for $64 from Demon Chef Alvin Leung.

Sorry, not covering durian mooncakes today.

Janice Wong’s display

Display of MooncakesJanice Wong. Mooncakes named for the nine prefectures of Japan and their flavours (Yuzu, Hojicha, Peanut, Sweet Potato, Chestnut, Azuki, Matcha, Kinako and Ume). Each mooncake in a different pastel colour – the display was like a kaleidoscope!

PackagingConrad Hotel’s packaging is a tall drawer box with choices of Emerald Green Auspicious Red or Burgundy Red.Their Traditional Baked Honey Osmanthus $84 is the one I liked best. Regent Hotel’s ‘tower block’ packaging of mooncake in red and gold is also lovely. Goodwood Park Hotel’s gold themed packaging is pretty.

Two excellent deals are from Awfully Chocolate (with four mooncakes, you get a art deco inspired wooden ‘chest’, some with intricately carved wood knives) for $88. For the exquisite packaging, it has to be the one from Fairmont Hotel. At the fair in Takashimaya, for the price of the mooncakes, you also get a Chinese pot and cup set thrown in.

Awfully Chocolate