Yoga of Eating

Was reading the Yoga of Eating – and realised the author suggests that one enjoy every morsel of food; when you bring boredom to your food, you are eating boredom. When you talk whilst eating, you are eating a conversation. Instead enjoy the very act of eating and feeding your body, and the purity of it all. So i did.

This year’s two defining gustotary moments:    1. The most delectable tomato I have ever tasted. It was succulent yet firm, sweet yet with grassy flavours that brought me back to my childhood on first bite. I don’t know what variety they were (there are over 500 in Italy alone) but it was spring, and I bought a bag of it at the Vulcaria markets in Palermo, Sicily. (Didn’t think of taking a photo so here’s one of Marsala’s salt).   2. The perfect Jamon Iberico de bellota –  This one, a reserva was not over-ripe and just perfectly aged and cured. It was not overly fruity nor was it chewy and so balanced in taste it was – you did’nt even notice the salt content. It had no strong pork taste but was subtle with nuts, allied with a velvety texture and melt in the mouth moistness. My Spanish friends, concurred and declared it perfect also. We were at the Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid.